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Ideal Homes has been family owned for over 60 years. We are oldest factory built home dealer in the Pacific Northwest. We only sell high quality homes built by KIT Custom Homes. When you visit Ideal Homes, you’ll get great prices without any pressure. We don’t have commissioned sales people. Our staff is knowledgeable and eager to help you find the perfect home.

Company Values


Based on region, construction costs per square foot for a new factory-built home average from 10 to 25 percent less than a comparable new site-built home. Independent appraisal studies confirm that factory-built homes can perform in value at the same rate as other housing forms in the same market. Costs of interim construction financing may be significantly reduced or eliminated as completion time may be shorter with factory-built homes. All construction materials, as well as interior finishes and appliances, are purchased in volume which translates directly into greater affordability for the homebuyer. Call now and our agent can discuss all savings available to you.


This website is designed for Manufactured Home and Modular Home shoppers to have the ultimate shopping experience. YOU, the shopper , have the ability to view every KIT West home. Each floor plan has a description, square footage, Bedrooms/ Baths, and standard specs. There are also virtual 3D TOURS of the homes as well as High Definition quality photo’s to view. To see the 3D tours, Photo’s and Specs, click on the “more info” tab associated with a floor plan that fits your needs. This will bring up all of that information available. Within this tab, you will also be able to get a larger, printable floor plan page , and print a Custom Brochure.


Factory-built homes are very easy to finance because they have a positive track record. When the homeowner wants, for instance, the Acme Plan 3A from a factory with some variations, chances are the local banker has seen it before and knows the value. Bankers also like the idea that Bankers also like the simplicity of the construction process compared to on-site construction. Due to factory-built homes positive track record, they are very easy to finance. Bankers like the idea that factory-built homes are well insulated which means the ultimate buyer won’t go broke paying utility bills, and also the simplicity of the off-site construction process compared to constructions on-site.

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We love our home and we have Ideal Homes, Inc to thank for. Thank you!